iPavement models and main features

  #WiBlue 1.3 #WiBlue 1.3
Dimensions and weight
  • Length:40 cm
  • Width:40 cm
  • Height:7 cm
  • Weight:24,654 kg
  • Length:40 cm
  • Width:40 cm
  • Height:7 cm
  • Weight:23,632 kg
  • Groove:22 mm x 5 mm
  • Meshed wireless network (set of pavements)
  • Mesh protocol: 801.11s
  • Broadcast coverage per point of Pavement according to environment: 1.700 – 580 m2
  • Recommended distance between pieces of pavement: 20 lineal metres, with pavementcontinuity of EPI Type A calcium carbonate to ensure propagation of waves.
Operative System in Board
  • VIABOX™ operated from viabox.es
Wireless networks and configuration
  • Wi-Fi Technology (802.11 b/g)
  • Supported by VIABOX™
  • Compatible with I.Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera, Konqueror, & Google Chrome
  • Cable 1,000 W (Phase + Neutral+ Earth)
  • Low Tension Adaptor incorporated in VIABOX™
Built-in Apps
  • Linux 2.6 or higher. Windows Xp or higher for remote integration, compatible with EPI:2011 Intelligent Environment Pavement Standard
  • Spanish and English (optional: French, German, Italian, Portuguese)
Physical Accessibility
  • Anti-slip finishes
  • Foot-sensitive model, grooves of 5 mm X 22 mm, ending at cut, easy-to-clean
Environmental Requirements
  • Operating temperature: between -20 y 60 ºC (-22 & 167 ºF)
  • Storage temperature: between -30 y 75 ºC (-22 & 167 ºF)
  • Maximum operative height: 6,000 m.
System Requirements
  • Access to Internet
  • Electrical energy (Low Tension)
  • iPavement™ Server 2.0 or later (Hardware)
iPavement and the environment

iPavement reflects the Via Inteligente continuous commitment to the environment. It has been designed with the following characteristics to reduce its impact on the environment:

  • Metal-free, contaminant-free pavement, 100% recyclable calcium carbonate (97% of product weight)
  • Electronic equipment without BFR or PVC
  • All other elements recyclable
ipavement models